The Venus Factor Review – Should You Try It?

Fat Burning For FemaleHello everyone, I am Lena, and I would like to welcome you all to The Venus Factor review. I know you have read many reviews in the past but trust me this is going to be different. How?

Many reviewers don’t bother trying the program before they give out their review. Some of them even don’t have access to the program as well. This is why their reviews often lack crucial points about the program.

Thankfully, you have reached the right page.

In this page, you are going to find my detailed John’s Venus Factor review that will contain all crucial information that will help you in making your smart buying decision. And don’t forget to check out my results that I will update in this review.

So, let’s start this Venus Factor review.

The definition of the perfect body took a massive turn in the recent past. Once it was chubbiness of the body, but now the beauty is measured by curves. We are in the generation of skinny models and we’ve seen many women who taken some risky steps to change their beauty and body size.

We always wanted to wear those skinny jeans, but our body is not letting us. Beauty has become an essential thing in someone’s personality. If she is pretty then society will accept her. She can walk into anything that she wants and walk out achieving it.

Now take a look at another group of women, including me, who not consider themselves as attractive. Everything starts from picking up the right clothes to wear. Our pear-shaped thighs don’t allow us to wear jeans and then follows the top that we can’t wear because of belly fat.

The list goes on, the sharing look that a guy gives to my friend. We want the same amazement in guy’s eye when he looks at us.

Is It Possible To Look Good?

We should stop asking the same question again and again.

The simple answer is,

Yes, Yes and Yes!

A person’s look will not stay only on the face if she has assets and curves that everyone admires. She can become attractive in everyone’s eye. You have to do this by throwing out the negative thoughts that putting you down and work towards attracting your goal. The goal that you always wanted to achieve doesn’t matter if it is tight or attractive thighs or belly that you can proud of or shapely shoulders or beautiful booty. You can obtain them all if you are put some time in workouts.

What Kind Of Workout Should I Follow?

This is an excellent question. Most women make the same mistake while choosing the workout program. They follow the workout and eating pattern that their male friend or boyfriend or husband does.

Yes, most of us make this same mistake. How can an exercise help us in trimming our bodies while the guys next to us are doing the same exercises to build or bulk their bodies?

If you want to trim your body and want to get a skinny body, then you should follow a workout program that is meant for women and designed to give results that you want.

Which Is The Best Program For Women?

Best Weight Loss Program For Women

Truly speaking, there are lots of workout programs that are designed especially for women. You’ll never know which program will give you the results that you are looking for.

And if you are thinking about hiring a fitness coach, then it may be not as affordable as you think. How about following a program that is tested and proven by many, and also designed by fitness trainer who has vast experience in helping women to get their dream body shape?

Yes, I am talking about John Barban and his very popular plan ‘Venus Factor’. I created this Venus Factor review, just to reveal all your doubts about this program.

About John Barban:

Before creating this Venus Factor review, I did good research on this program and most importantly its creator (John Barban) to find out if he is credible enough to follow his advice.

John BarbanJohn Barban holds the graduation degree in human biology and nutrition from the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada). He completed his Masters from the same University in Human Biology.

After completing his Masters, he continues researching and studying further and completed his graduation in exercise physiology from The University of Florida.

Besides these degrees, he has several personal training certificates from NSCA, CSEP and many others.

John Barban has eight years of working experience in the health and fitness supplement industry. He worked with MuscleTech, Slimquick and BlueStar Nutraceuticals that helped him to travel around the world and interview some popular male and female fitness trainers.

John was a strength and conditioning coach of the Ice Hockey team at the University of Guelph.

He trained with some world-class weight lifters and usually discuss training experience and theories with them. Additionally, he has some colleagues in the biomechanics field. This helps him to stay up to date about the latest human research on fitness and health.

John Barban is currently working on different weight loss programs and researching solutions for weight loss, muscle growth and longevity. If he launches any new female-oriented plan I will update this Venus Factor review.

Components Of Venus Factor:

I created this section in this Venus Factor review because I want to give you a little overview of what you will get when you purchase this weight loss system. This system comprised of five components:

Venus Factor Plan

#1 The Fat Loss Diet Guide:

This book shows the importance of Leptin hormone in weight loss for females. You will find out foods that increase Leptin resistance in the body. These foods (soy, snacks, carbs, etc) increases Leptin resistance and make it difficult for the human body to burn fat.

Along with this, you will also get a list of foods and methods that increase Leptin sensitivity in the body. John Barban suggested some ways like exercising, cutting down sugar, gluten-free foods that improve leptin sensitivity. By improving the Leptin sensitivity, it becomes easier for the body to burn fat quickly.

This book talks about a combination of foods that are harmful for the human body. Venus Factor is based on methods that are necessary for a healthy and toned female body in the long term.

Venus Factor focuses on diet and exercises as well. Many weight loss programs focus on food only but they miss out workouts which is not a good idea because latest studies say little activity movements are also important for weight loss.

#2 The 12-Week Workout Plan:

Venus Factor is the three months (12 weeks) program. You can carry out this workout plan in Gym or inside your home as your convenience. This workout plan is easy to follow. John Barban has provided video tutorials that make it easy for anyone to follow these workouts without any help from personal trainers.

This workout plan will help you to achieve an hourglass-shape body which is desired by many women. These workout videos are available online and they are easily accessible.

You can download these workout videos in your laptop, or smartphone to watch it anywhere.

#3 The Venus Virtual Nutritionist Software App:

Venus Factor System is also providing a nutritionist software app that can automate various process for you. For example, once you enter your current measurements in it, this app will calculate and show you how far are you from the desired measurements.

Along with this, this software app will also calculate the number of calories you need to consume, and also breakdown these calories in breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner to give you a personalized diet plan.

#4 The Venus Index Podcast:

This Venus Index Podcast is a great tool to motivate you to reach your goals. Motivation is a very important part of the weight loss, and many fitness trainers don’t give much importance.

In this Venus Index Podcast, you will find out the weight loss stories of women who successfully able to achieve their desired body figure by using this program. This is a unique and quite powerful tool.

#5 The Venus Community:

Along with Venus Index Podcast, this Venus Community is one of the best tools to keep yourself motivated until you hit your weight loss goals. Inside this community, you can ask questions, help other women and also share your favorite recipe and tips.

Many women have shared their recipes and tips that you can use to lose weight quickly. This community is very active, and you often see inspirational stories of women who were struggling with weight problems in the past, but now they are in the best shape of their life.

What Do I Like About Venus Factor?

First of all, I am impressed with the community. It has lots of recipes, tips, ideas, and success stories from other users. Lots of weight loss programs I tried before feel cold and detached. Thankfully, this program is different. If you’ve been attempting many mainstream diets without any noticeable result, then this community is the key to success

I recommend this program for everyone, doesn’t matter if your veteran dieter or just starting out who knows nothing when it comes to nutrition and exercise. You get eBooks for everything.

You will learn what to eat, when to eat, how to prepare your meal plan, recipes, instructional exercise videos and much more. These are tools for success, and they help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

With that said, this program is not for everyone. This book provides an introduction to a calorie-controlled diet. The recipe book shows you how much protein, carbs, and fats you need to achieve your ideal body figure.

If you like this 12-week weight loss program, then you can continue it after 12 weeks as well.

What I Don’t Like About Venus Factor?

Overall, I am impressed with this program, and that’s the reason I am writing this Venus Factor review. But, there are a few things that I don’t like. These things are down to my personal preference.

As I said numerous times in this Venus Factor review, this is a calorie-deficit diet plan. It is a clear and simple process. If you are a fitness professional or have some knowledge about foods and calories, then you can achieve results without this book as well.

I also dislike the way the author has branded some simple and common sense tips. For example, he used the word “reverse taper protocol” which is just a branded term for defining – eat more calories when you are closer to your weight loss goal. This is common sense as we all know losing weight beyond healthy weight is not a good idea.

I am also not happy with the concept of ‘venus index’ because it involves hefty calculations and measurements. I prefer to look myself in the mirror. If I am looking good, it means my weight loss plan is working for me.

I also feel the recipes provided inside the book are boring. But it is understandable because when it comes to weight loss then we have to focus on the nutritional content rather than taste.

Additionally, there are no vegan or vegetarian recipes that is very shocking for me.


If you’ve read this Venus Factor review so far, then it will be apparent for you that I’m a big fan of Venus Factor. This is because this program helped me in the early days of my marriage when I wanted to lose weight desperately.

Venus Community was very helpful for me and kept me motivated until I lost all those ugly pounds from my body. Now I am in my maintenance mode but I still have to do ‘toning up’ in some parts of my body, and I am sure I will achieve it with this program. Yes! I will definitely update my results and before/after photo in this Venus Factor review.

Venus Factor is receiving positive reviews from all over the world, and you can be the next SUCCESS STORY. Join this program and say goodbye to your extra ugly pounds forever!

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